Create Your Skate

Choose your deck, griptape, trucks, wheels, bearings, risers, and hardware —
then decide if you want to build if yourself or have us take care of it. Assembly is free!

10% off your custom build, plus we'll throw in some goodies. Just pick the size that's right for you, and get building!

7.50" to 8.00"

Small Board

Youth & Technical Skating
Save 10% off your complete small custom build.
Build It
8.1" to 8.25"

Medium Board

Average Size Skateboards for Teens and Adults.
Save 10% off your complete medium custom build.
Build it
8.38" to 8.50"

Large Board

Ideal for various street and transition skating.
Save 10% off your complete large custom build.
Built It
8.6" to 10.00"

XL Board

Classic Decks, cruisers and old school shapes.
Save 10% off your complete XL custom build.
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