Nicholas Joy

Nicholas Joy


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Q: Regular or Goofy
A: Regular 

Q: Favorite Trick?
A: Any type of handplant 

Q: Home Resort?
A: I learned how to snowboard at Blue Hills in Milton,MA but Loon Mountain will always be home.

Q: Favorite Place to ride?
A: Loon Mountain on a beautiful spring day 

Q: What band or type of music are you currently into?
A: I've been listening to a lot of Modern Baseball or Fiddlehead. However, if you put on some 2000’s alternative type music, I mean it’s game over. 

Q: What else are you doing to bring balance into your life besides snowboarding? What are you getting into?
A: I’ve been apprenticing with a carpenter the last two years during the offseason. It’s been really cool having to use my brain in a different way. I enjoy the process of building something from beginning to end. I also skateboard a couple times a week to escape the daily grind.