Mike Rav

Mike Rav


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Q: Regular or Goofy
A: regular but not regular

Q: Favorite Trick?
A: pop shovel into hand 

Q: Home Resort?
A: ski ward, Shrewsbury MA

Q: Favorite Place to ride?
A:  Brighton Resort, Utah 

Q: What band or type of music are you currently into?
A: started with the original rockers, classical pianists, to the strange sounds of today and yesterday. Anything with truth or feel. I really love instruments… but open to a lot…

Q: What else are you doing to bring balance into your life besides snowboarding? What are you getting into?
A: lots of art (creation, idea manifestation, vision calibrating) trying to have some discipline where I can, while also tuning out what I don’t feel is important to me. I’m into anything that helps negativity float away…. In an honest way…