Chris Grenier

Chris Grenier


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Q: Regular or Goofy
A: Regular

Q: Favorite Trick?
A: BS 360

Q: Home Resort?
A: Brighton, UT

Q: Favorite Place to ride?
A: it Doesn’t matter where, its more about the crew and the vibe. 

Q: What band or type of music are you currently into?
A: Depends on the activity, mainly rap, sometimes country music when im in the garage.

Q: What else are you doing to bring balance into your life besides snowboarding? What are you getting into?
A: I take my dogs on a walk at the park, with no cell phone, every morning to start off the day. Skateboarding, motocross and the gym are great physical outlets for me. When i tend to feel balanced i'm usually doing reading and less looking at my phone. 

Instagram: @GrenDiesel