Rome Gold | 2016

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Gold Snowboard | 2016


This is the rider who knows how to shred a snowboard; the rider who who wants a blend of rocker between the feet and camber in the nose and tail for a board that floats in powder and grips everything. Power, playfulness and precision come together in a board that is at home all over the mountain.

Technology for Pop, Strength and Feel

    TurboRods-Carbon Single Barrel: Anchored only at the end near the inserts, a single rod of carbon inside a sleeve flexes dynamically for higher ollies and more stable landings.

    Z-Tech 1.0: A 1-inch wide strip of Zylon that runs down the centerline of the board for maximum responsiveness and dampening.

What It Does Well

Jump: 8

Jib: 6

Pow: 10

Carve: 8

All-Terrain: 9

More Tech

SuperPop Core Matrix

StraightTraix 30 Laminate

SinterSpeed Base

QuickRip Technology

Collection: Mountain

    Camber: MtnPop Rocker 2.0: Rocker between the feet for a buttery float, with increased camber in the nose and tail for full power.

    Shape: Almost Twin