Rome Agent Alek Snowboard 2017

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Agent Alek Snowboard 2017


Though we back having a 3-4 board quiver for different types of riding, the Agent can sometimes limit the need for any other board for long stretches of a season. It just feels so damn good. With the right balance of versatile geometrics and just enough pop-enhancing tech, the Agent can lay down carves at speed, float a line of powder, and ride smooth off jumps. Alek Oestreng rides the Agent chassis for his super creative freestyle riding, so we’ve teamed up with him to add a custom 155 for 2017.


Tech For Pop, Strength and Feel

    TurboRods—Carbon Single Barrel

    A single rod of dynamically-flexing carbon in the centerline for longitudinal pop without unwanted torsional stiffness.

    Z-Tech 1.0

    Centerline Zylon, in a one-inch strip, adds ollie power and lengthwise overall pop.

More Tech

    SuperPop Core Matrix

    StraightTriax30 Laminate

    SinterSpeed Base

    Impact Edges


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