Libertine Boot 2018 | Brown
Libertine Boot 2018 | Brown
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Rome Libertine Boot 2018 | Brown

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Libertine Boot 2018 | Brown


Commonly found mashing the gas pedal on the way to the hill, burning lap after lap, or still laced up in après-mode, the Libertine is the go-to for lifties, weekend warriors and Syndicate riders across the globe. Poised perfectly at the intersection of supportive power and cushy board feel, the Libertine is equally comfortable summiting peaks or locking into a backlip. The daily driver for riders who want a durable lightweight lace boot for nonstop good times and enhanced fit.

Key Tech

Pro F.I.T. Liner

3D Molded Shell Tongue

TrackedOut Sole

Liner Tech—Pro F.I.T.

Performance dual-density, heat-moldable foam

SkateCuff 3D

QuadZone Lining with Heel Grip

Expand Toe Zone

More Tech

Pro F.I.T. Foambed with AEGIS

Molded Backstay

Direct-Print Rubber on Toe For Strap Grip and Durability

Ankle Flex Zones