Rome Katana Binding 2018 | Black

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Katana Binding 2018 | Black

Precision, Power and Pure Pleasure

Built around the principal that customization and a smooth, responsive flex pattern are both paramount, the Katana is powered by Rome-exclusive technology like the PivotMount 2.0, the AsymWrap heelhoop, and V-Rod Ultra light baseplates. The full technology package delivers better board feel and increased comfort in your connection. For riders who demand an ultra-responsive binding for agile peak to park performance, the Katana brings razor sharp precision to anything in its path.


PivotMount Max Technology

Yes, I Cant

Cant-in-the-Back II

Flex with Pop

AsymWrap Technology

V-Rod Ultralight Baseplate

Asym Katana Highback

Connected Comfort

Ultralight Ankle Strap

ConformGrip 2.0 Toe Strap

D30-Powered V-Rod SubBase Pad