Crab Grab Mega Claws 2017

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Mega Claws 2017


2 per pack

Dimensions: 6.5" each

Try out the Mega Claws for yourself and we are 100% positive that you will love them: they offer fantastic traction, they look amazing, and they smell terrific.



Foam squishes into the tread on your boot creating a solid bond.

Foam is lightweight and feels nice.

Foam doesn’t look like some heinous chunk of plastic stomp pad you’d find on a rental board.



C-Foam™ - Our specifically formulated rubbery foam blend that’s lightweight, heavy duty, and grabs like a crab.

Screw Glue™ - Glued on. Like it was screwed on.

Gripples™ - Our signature texture: tiny little gripping nipples for maximum grippy-ness.